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Solar technology for domestic applications

Benefits for homeowners

Install your own micro-generation system

Instead of buying all your energy from suppliers, why not install your own micro-generation system?

Average energy bills continue to rise fast. Whilst Britain is making huge inroads to cut the amount of fossil fuels we use the price we pay for our electricity remains the same

Protect the environment by installing a system to generate your own clean, green solar electricity.


Refined and established Solar PV technology

1. Monocrystalline. These are usually more aesthetically pleasing. A black frame with black cells. More common these days on domestic property.

2. Building Integrated Panels. These are mainly used where the roof is new or on where the roof is being replaced. They fit directly into the roof structure on large thin reinforced plastic trays. They are weathered around the edges and will normally sit approximately flush
with the roof.

4. Polycrystalline Panels. We have all seen these, they are the silver framed blue panels that the industry started with. An inexpensive option, ideal if you intend to mount the panels out of sight, but very seldom used these days.

Electric vehicles

Fuel your electric vehicle with solar

With the steady adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs), many people are now looking for low cost, green sources to power their EV charging stations.

This provides a low cost, renewable energy source to power your EV. The future of transportation is electric, be prepared with solar.

Whilst domestic solar can help off set the cost of charging your EV, in reality the batteries in the cars need to be charged from the grid to guarantee a full charge.

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