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Solar technology for commercial applications

Industrial installations

Significantly reduce your costs with Solar technology

Industrial buildings are ideal for the installation of Solar PV arrays as they often have large unused roof areas as well as high energy usage for industrial processing.


A lot of the properties will be operating during daylight hours and so the savings can make a huge impact on the cost of running the premises.

Greencap Energy can design, supply and install complete systems that can be used to reduce CO2 emission figures and provide long term, low cost fixed price energy for the business in the future.

If the inital cost is outside the scope of your cash flow, financing can in most cases be arranged. This is done by means of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) It means that you are able to fix the cost of a good percentage of your electricity for upwards of 25 years.

For the construction industry

Helping to meet building regulations with Solar

Solar PV is now more common place than it ever has been but we consistently run up against the same problem, being late on the invite list. Panels are easy to fit if the planning is correct. If left to the actual build process things like cable runs and fixing of the panels can become very complicated and even expensive. 

Installing Solar PV can help both commercial and residential developers meet the requirements for Building regulations, local planning requirements, and building codes.


We are well versed in reading plans and can quickly advise on what will work and what will be a problem. 


Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

It is required by law that when any property is to be offered for sale or to let there should be a EPC available to show to a prospective tenant or purchaser. Solar PV can in most cases give a better grade EPC. 

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