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Harness the power of the Sun
Reduce expenses & go green with solar

Abundant free energy

Solar energy is the most abundant resource available to us. In one hour more energy falls on the earth from sunlight than is used by the entire global population in one year.

A solar system helps you to harness some of this energy. This can dramatically cut electricity bills but ultimately it is down to the occupier of the property to learn how to make best use of the generated electricity.


For instance, using appliances like dishwashers and washing machines during the day will utilise the renewable energy which is generated during daylight hours, and spreading your use of large appliances over daylight hours will help to avoid peaks of demand that exceed the capacity of your solar panels.



Reduce your electricity bill with one of our domestic Solar installations


Meet carbon emission targets with a commercial Solar installation


Become an eco-friendly organisation with a school Solar installation


From adjustments to repairs, we offer a range of servicing options

What people are saying

Find out what our customers have to say

“Great work as ever by Andy and his team at Greencap Energy. Have used them before and will certainly work with them again.”

The installation work was carried out to a high standard. The installation team was hard working, professional and courteous. 

A genuine hardworking company who will give you a no nonsense explanation of the process and not try and baffle with you with any jargon.

Learn about solar technology

Able to perform in overcast conditions

Solar panels are photovoltaic, absorbing energy from light and converting it into electricity. They work most efficiently in direct sunlight, but they'll also work just fine in overcast conditions.

Weatherproof & durable panels

Solar panels are built to withstand nature. Once installed, they are designed to be maintenance free, ensuring that they continue to generate electricity long into the future.

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