Industrial Installations
Industrial buildings are ideal for the installation of Solar PV generators as they often have large unused roof areas as well as high energy usage for industrial processing.

Greencap Energy can design, supply and install complete systems that can be used to reduce CO2 emission figures, provide long term fixed price energy for the business in the future and provide a significant income from the feed-in-tariff.
Building Professionals
Installing Solar PV can help developers and owners meet the requirements for Building regulations, local planning requirements, and building codes:
Local Plans to reduce energy use and carbon emissions

All Local Authorities are required by government to publish a ‘Local Plan’ in which they set out their proposals to reduce local energy use and carbon emissions. 
In 2002 Merton Council developed a ground breaking local plan which required new developments to supply 10% of their energy use from on-site renewable sources.
Many local authorities, including all those in Greater London have increased the requirement to 20%. Increasing numbers of local authorities have adopted it and many more are developing similar ‘On-site renewable energy requirement’ plans.
Photovoltaics or PV is the simplest renewable technology option to install and maintain. PV can be designed into the building or added as a remedial measure to help a non-compliant building to pass building regulations.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)
It is required by law that when any propoerty is to be offered for sale or for let there should be a EPC available to show to a prospective tenant or purchaser.

It is also a requirement of the Feed in Tariff that the building must have an EPC of D or better at the time of certifying the Solar array. If not then the array will attract the lowest tariff.


For further information on general guidance on building sustainable homes see The Energy Saving Trust Website.
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