Create a better future for our children, with a Solar PV installation for Schools.
Schools will benefit in many ways from a Solar PV installation including:
  • Financial Incentives - reduce your electricity bill, plus earn the "Feed-in-Tariff"  for every unit of electricity you generate whether you use it or not. The Feed in Tariff is tax free and inflation linked plus it is guaranteed for 20 years.


  • Sell back what you don't use - In the school holidays if the electricity generated is not used you can sell it back to the grid.


  • Reduce the schools Carbon Footprint


  • Educate your pupils on the importance and practical application of renewable energy and taking responsibility for the well being and future of our planet.
At Greencap energy Ltd we can maximise the potential of your School Solar PV installation by supplying you with the following services in addition to a hassle free, high quality design and installation service:
  • Lesson plans and teaching resources for Keystages 1-4
  • Qualified teaching staff (PGCE) available to present lessons if required
  • Giant Electronic display unit to monitor system performance in real time